February 7, 2014

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The Government of the Northwest Territories’ stamp of approval on healthy choices you can make….. the public face of the Healthy Choices Framework, a GNWT-wide approach to encouraging and supporting NWT residents to make healthy and safe choices, consistent with the 17th Legislative Assembly’s goal of fostering healthy, educated people.

Success Story: Bear Creek pupils could attend the school even if they did not live within the immediate catchment area. These children, however, did not have access to school bus service

The Every Body Walk! 2013 Walking Summit was held October 1–3, 2013 in Washington, D.C.  Every Body Walk! captured footage from the Walking Summit's main event and compiled it into 33 short-running films.

Massive snowfalls like the one that hit the US east coast this week usually spell trouble for traffic. But critics of America's car-centric transport network are using the snow - and Twitter - to demonstrate how roads should be redesigned to make them safer for pedestrians.

Cities are full of buildings, parks, malls, statues, vistas, landmarks, monuments, restaurants, dark alleys, bad neighborhoods, and a gaggle of other things that redirect the flow of human traffic. Space syntax uses a grid of all the walkable paths in a city to predict how people would move in an idealized version of the city, then measures how other parts the city’s texture attracts or repels people away from this prediction.

Will Wales become Europe's next active travel boom region? Solid foundations have now been laid by the Welsh national assembly who passed in November the 'Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013' - the world's first active travel legislation, according to ECF member Sustrans...

PLoS ONE 9(1): e85295.
We conclude that both residential density and the availability of walkable destinations are good measures of urban walkability and can be recommended for use by policy-makers, planners and public health officials. In our setting, the combination of both factors provided additional explanatory power.

The aim of this project was to determine an approach for CS4L/LTAD program implementation focused on fundamental movement skills and sequential learning to support the progression of all...

J Pediatr Psychol. 2014 Jan;39(1):65-73.
doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jst086
This study assessed longitudinal associations between preadolescent's physical activity engagement (PA), health-related quality of life (HRQOL), and teasing during physical activity (TDPA)….. Children with overweight or obesity who experience TDPA are more likely to report poorer subsequent HRQOL. Children with normal weight who experience TDPA are at increased risk for reduced PA 1 year later. Efforts to reduce TDPA may benefit children's HRQOL and increase PA participation.

Four pilot projects were announced at the CS4L National Summit, the first of nine, to test the Canadian Sport for Life model in communities for the long-term benefit of children and adults by creating better quality sport opportunities and more engaged communities.

Alberta Health Services’ Healthy Children and Youth team is pleased to announce the re-launch of (this) website.  This site provides evidence-informed tools and resources that can be used to support healthy school communities in Alberta. The website now includes more practical information, resources, and tools to support Comprehensive School Health (CSH).

A guest post by recently retired Mike Aurthur.

Lakewood, Ohio, population 51,000, doesn’t have any school buses. It never has.….. When Lakewood reduced the number of schools, it made sure they — especially the elementary schools — were spaced out to be close to as many students as possible. Rather than trading the older, walkable buildings for a more sprawling style, many of the historic school buildings underwent historic preservation treatments. That means no giant parking lots either. Some parents or visitors might have to park on a nearby street.

Four $50,000 grants are being awarded each year to support community amenities and facilities that promote active living, with a particular emphasis on children. To ensure province-wide representation, the grants are split with one for Edmonton, one for Calgary, one for secondary cities and one for rural communities.

The survey is based on a social model of disabilities rather than a medical model. The social model is based on the premise that disability is the result of the interaction between a person’s functional limitations and barriers in the environment, including social and physical barriers that make it harder to function day-to-day. Thus, disability is a social disadvantage that an unsupportive environment imposes on top of an individual’s impairment

Health Evidence Review Quality Rating: 9 (strong)

Environ. Sci. Technol., 2014, 48 (2), pp 1247–1255
DOI: 10.1021/es403688w
This study used panel data to explore three different hypotheses about how moving to greener or less green areas may affect mental health over time. The samples were participants in the British Household Panel Survey with mental health data (General Health Questionnaire scores) for five consecutive years, and who relocated to a different residential area between the second and third years…..

Webinar March 13th
The Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum (CFPC) was developed in response to the identified need for training through a Canada-wide survey of practitioners working in the area of seniors falls prevention. The CFPC gives participants the knowledge and skills needed to operate from an evidence-based approach to falls prevention among seniors through development of site specific fall prevention plans.

Health Evidence Review Quality Rating: 9 (strong)

Health Evidence Review Quality Rating: 10 (strong)

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Available online 29 January 2014
Participants performed a range of activities (sitting, lying, walking and standing) in both a standardized and home setting while wearing the accelerometer. Activities in the standardized setting were performed in a scripted sequence. Activities in the home setting were performed in an unscripted manner. Analyzed accelerometer data were compared against video observation as the reference measure.

American researchers studied the benefits of closing streets to automobile traffic (“Open Streets” events), to provide everyone with a totally safe and user-friendly place to exercise. Between 2008 and 2013, over 80 U.S. cities organized at least one “Open Streets” type event. In reviewing the data, the researchers found that, in people participating in more than one of these events, daily physical activity increased by 5 minutes a day…..

Mayo Clinic Proceedings Vol 89, Iss 2, Febr 2014, Pages 190–198
Data for this study were obtained from the 2003-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey cycles. We selected a sample of 5211 participants and categorized them into 4 groups: (1) healthy diet and active, (2) unhealthy diet and active, (3) healthy diet and inactive, and (4) unhealthy diet and inactive.

Webinar Feb 11th
The Knowledge Translation Planning Primer was designed for people who are new to KT and/or have limited resources to do KT. This plain-language tool builds on existing KT resources and is a starting point for those developing a KT plan.

The RALA Tools assess the physical environment features and amenities, town characteristics, community programs, and policies that can affect physical activity among residents in rural communities. This tool is suitable for both practitioners and researchers.

Mental Health and Physical Activity Available online 21 January 2014
DOI: 10.1016/j.mhpa.2014.01.001
There are positive benefits of physical activity (PA) on the brain and cognition.
Sedentary behavior (SB) is known to negatively affect metabolic health.
We review data relevant to how sedentary behavior may affect the brain.
We review how PA and SB may interact in their effect on the brain and cognition.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine Vol 46, Iss 2, Pgs 122-135
As part of the Women’s Health Initiative study, 92,234 women ages 50–79 years at baseline reported the amount of time the spent in sedentary activities (sitting and resting, but not sleeping)…. After an average follow-up of 12 years, women reporting more than 11 hours/day of sedentary time had a 12% increase in all-cause premature mortality compared with those with four hours or less per day of sedentary time.

Health Evidence Review Quality Rating: 8 (strong)

Webinar February 12th, 2014 13:00 – 14:30 EST

European Journal of Oncology Nursing Available online 29 January 2014
Patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy had extremely low physical activity. They should be provided useful information of appropriate physical movement and be supported in resolving physical and psychological distress.

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