August 30, 2013

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

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The announcement includes a commitment from the government to cut red tape that can stifle cycle-friendly road design and to encourage changes to the way roads are built or altered. Councils will be expected to up their game to deliver infrastructure that takes cycling into account from the design stage.

Here is the test; a cyclist commuter race: I gathered a group of agreeable cyclists, all of them of different styles, ages and speeds. We would all ride five kilometres on different routes into the (Calgary) downtown core and time the journey. Who would be fastest?

EcoMobility World Festival 2013: One neighborhood, one month, no cars.
EcoMobility refers to travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally friendly options, including and combining walking, cycling, wheeling, and using public transportation….. At the local government level in an ecomobile city, public infrastructure, traffic systems, and policies are designed to give priority to non-motorized transport as well as to reduce urban congestion. When a city focuses on EcoMobility, quality of life is enhanced and happy and healthy communities are supported.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Short Series o­ffers three modules to augment undergraduate courses in basic civil engineering and/or transportation planning. The lessons, which cover Planning for Pedestrians and Bicycles, Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design, and Pedestrian and Bicycle Data and Performance, are ideally suited to be integrated into an existing course, such as the first or introductory course in transportation engineering.

Active school trips: associations with caregiver walking frequency
Transport Policy Volume 29, September 2013, Pages 23–28
·         Data collected from a New Jersey statewide survey of walking behavior is analyzed.
·         A sub-sample of the data included information on whether children walked to school.
·         The walking behavior of the surveyed caregiver influences the likelihood of a child walking.
·         Household employment and vehicle ownership are also major factors for children walking to school.
·         Some associations are found with built environment features, especially sidewalks.

Transport Policy Volume 29, September 2013, Pages 243–248
This study (the first to use a control-group and peer-reviewed process) demonstrates that Eugene's Safe Routes to School program has increased walking and biking as school transport modes….. Walking and biking increased most when schools implemented multiple SRTS interventions. While these results are particular to Eugene, they provide evidence of the positive impacts of the SRTS program and identify elements of the Eugene SRTS program that could be replicated."

Physiotherapy Available online 21 August 2013
We recently completed the ParkFit study, a two-year randomized controlled trial including 586 sedentary Parkinson's disease (PD) patients, that evaluated a multifaceted intervention (ParkFit program) to promote physical activity. The results showed that the ParkFit program enables PD patients to become physically more active, suggesting that this intervention should now be further implemented into clinical practice.

Lifestyle has a dramatic impact on the aging process. Regular exercise in later years can mean a healthier, more independent and satisfying life. Adding a social aspect to your active living plan brings even more to successful aging!

The platform connects over 2,000 individuals who are working on urgent issues caused by non-communicable diseases. The networks currently cover the topics of physical activity, nutrition, tobacco and alcohol. All the networks are free to join, but with a strict eligibility criteria.

Complete Streets—roads that are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users—offer many benefits, including improved safety, mobility, accessibility, public health, and quality of life. However, much of the work surrounding Complete Streets to date has focused on creating policies and guidelines rather than investigating the processes and action steps needed to successfully implement projects.

"Our annual list of the 10 best planning, design, and development websites represents some of the top online resources for news, information and research on the built environment."Every year, Planetizen recognizes ten websites as some of the best resources for urban planning, design and development... We've listed the websites alphabetically, not in a particular order of rank..."

European Journal of Surgical Oncology Available online 22 August 2013
doi: 10.1016/j.ejso.2013.07.097

The author argues that:
·         The evidence cannot be refuted that PA positively impacts on BC survival while enhancing QOL unlike other cancer treatments.
·         There is no evidence that PA harms BC survivors and overall health benefits of PA are emphatically proven.
·         Based on the above, the BC community needs to work on clear, pragmatic guidelines to maintain and enhance PA behaviour in women diagnosed with BC.
·         These guidelines can be refined and enhanced when the results from RCTs are available in the future.

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