June 14, 2013

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Note: Where possible, we provide the DOI link to research papers in the Info Round-Up.  To use it, cut and paste the DOI into the text box on this webpage:  Access to research articles will be dependent on your institutional rights.

The national ‘Active Travel and Health' group in the UK has produced three briefings on walking and cycling for local authorities…. The briefings are in the form of short Powerpoint presentations and bring together all the latest evidence, policy and ideas on active travel….. The briefings are aimed at three separate audiences: elected members, directors of public health and directors of transport.

WALK Friendly Ontario is a recognition program that encourages municipalities to create and improve spaces and places to walk by awarding Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum designations. Using our comprehensive framework of indicators for walkability, municipalities can benchmark their current status and measure progress over time.

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport Vol 16, Iss 4, July 2013, Pages 291
This issue of the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport includes several papers that demonstrate the importance of family and environment on physical activity and health/wellbeing of children.

This new report from the Institute of Medicine encourages the U.S. Department of Education to designate physical education as a core subject like history and mathematics.

Preventing  Chronic Disease 2013;10:120270
We completed 172 SOPARC observations and related environmental assessments for 12 school sites. Observations made on 1,669 site users showed that most of them were Hispanic and nearly half were adults; three-quarters engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity. Community member use of school sites was 16 times higher in joint-use schools that had physical activity programs than in schools without such programs

Australia’s sporting clubs have the potential to recruit over 1.1 million Australian primary school aged children in sport if they can address the key barriers to their sport participation, according to this new report released by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

Preventing Chronic Disease 2013;10:120232
The child care environment has emerged as an ideal setting in which to implement policies that promote healthy body weight of children. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of a wellness policy and training program on the physical activity and nutrition environment in 24 child care centers in Georgia….. Findings from this study suggest that implementing wellness policies and training caregivers in best practices for physical activity and nutrition can promote healthy weight for young children in child care settings.

Published by the Peel Children and Youth Initiative
This report is a comprehensive, long-term strategy that is rooted in extensive high-quality research and based on the principle of collective impact. Its development has been a collaborative process with numerous stakeholders across Peel Region. The report’s recommendations aim to increase the number of Peel’s children who can participate in good quality, safe and healthy recreational and after school activities – with the support of many community partners.

The Lancet Vol 381, Iss 9882, 8–14 June 2013, Page 1960
Physical activity should be a priority for all schools, but, importantly, we must not allow children who do not excel in sport to drift or be ignored. Children should associate positively with active behaviours early in life to carry and maintain a healthy relationship with physical activity through to adulthood.

Diabetologia, 46(8), 1071-1081
Regular exercise has a statistically and clinically significant effect on VO(2max) in Type 2 diabetic individuals. Higher intensity exercise could have additional benefits on cardiorespiratory fitness and HbA(1c).

Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 2013, 38(3): 249-258
doi:  10.1139/apnm-2012-0227
The recommendations in this paper can be used in other pediatric PA programs, physical education settings, and public health programs, with the hope of decreasing attrition and increasing the benefits of PA participation to promote health in children and adolescents.

Read about the importance of physical activity as a lifestyle intervention in the Australian Government response to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health and Ageing obesity report.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2013, Issue 2. Art. No.: CD004294.
DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD004294.pub3
This review investigates the effects of physical rehabilitation on activities of daily living, strength, flexibility, balance, mood, cognition (memory and thinking), exercise tolerance, fear of falling, death, illness, and unwanted effects associated with the intervention, such as injuries. While variations between trials meant that we could not make specific recommendations, individual studies were often successful in demonstrating benefits to physical health from participating in different types of physical rehabilitation.

The main objectives of the eLF project are to create a European training system for e-learning in fitness to cover the minimum standards for both the theory (knowledge) and the practical skills and competencies and to create a platform for an interactive national professional register which will collaborate with other international registers.

From the UK.  A screening tool used in routine general practice to provide a simple physical activity index.

Endocrinolog√≠a y Nutrici√≥n (English Edition) Vol 60, Iss 4, April 2013, Pages 167–172
Moderate regular physical activity is associated to higher insulin sensitivity, an improved lipid profile, and a decrease in components of metabolic syndrome with no change in weight or BMI.

The Sports Science Unit at the School of Medical Sciences is coming up with an online journal titled “Journal of Physical Activity, Sports & Exercise.” It is an open access journal that aims to publish manuscript focusing on any area related to physical activity, sports and exercise.

The journal is now accepting submission of manuscripts that focus on physical activity, sports and exercise for the first volume planned to be published by late June/early July 2013.

Manuscripts can be of various formats including original articles, research reviews, commentaries as well as letter to editors and can be submitted through the online submission system.

The purpose of this Alberta Health Services report is to summarize the evidence identified in the built environment and health literature reviews and produce evidence-informed recommendations emerging from these reviews with reference to information obtained from a limited environmental scan.

The purpose of this Alberta Health Services review was to capture and review the large body of available scientific literature, two systematic literature reviews were conducted….. Based on the identified literature, several conclusions were developed to inform The Built Environment Health Promotion Strategy

American Journal of Health Promotion, In Press 2013
Interventions that had less rigorous research designs, used pedometers, applied Internet-based approaches, and included activities at social and environmental levels were more likely to report being effective than those without these characteristics.

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