October 26, 2012

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

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American Journal of Preventive Medicine Vol 43, Iss 5, Supplement 4, Pgs S384–S389
Children in WSB programs showed no differences in %MVPA compared to children not participating in the WSB; however, when comparing the relationship of %MVPA and age, the slope of the regression line was steeper for those children not participating in the WSB.

Organizers define a bicycle-friendly business district as an area where business owners actively encourage people, including employees, to bike to nearby shops and eateries. These cycle-friendly zones can inspire residents to slow their pace of life down, enabling them to discover and support businesses near where they live.

This report explores environmental health and Safe Routes to School through a review of the relationship between environmental health and school travel, a discussion on measuring the environmental health impacts of school travel, and five examples of methods used by SRTS programs to estimate the impact of their activities on local air quality and carbon dioxide emissions.

Among the top recommendations for reducing crashes and injuries among those on foot is the adoption of a Complete Streets approach when building and rebuilding roads.

Preventive Medicine In Press, Accepted Manuscript
First study on acceptability and impact of a standing-workstations environment within a school setting on total sitting, standing and walking time during school week ► Students, parents, and school staff responded positively to standing workstations ► Musculoskeletal discomfort was not evident in children who used workstations ► Clinically important differences observed in sitting and standing time during weekdays. ► Standing workstations have the potential to be integrated in the classroom environment.

The elementary and secondary health and physical education (H&PE) curricula in Ontario have been in a state of limbo for nearly two and a half years, pending further consultations on one component of this curriculum. Revisions to the H&PE curriculum are long overdue, and Ontario teachers and students have waited long enough, especially given the state of child and youth health.

Journal of Sport and Health Science Available online 24 October 2012
This review takes a historical perspective on the science of PA and academic achievement prior to and during the past 5 years. A total of 125 published articles were included and reviewed…. The majority of conclusions show a positive effect of PA on constructs related to academic achievement. Future studies should use strong study designs to examine the types and doses of PA needed to produce improvements in academic achievement.

Many individuals have trouble typing, moving a mouse or reading a web page. They can’t access a website without assistive technology…. This application features an array of keyboard and mouse replacement solutions (alternative input methods including a webcam-based hands-free movement tracking system) that allow users to overcome any physical limitation….

Mental Health and Physical Activity In Press, Accepted Manuscript
► Non-leisure time physical activity was not associated with depression. ► Leisure-time physical activity was associated with fewer depression symptoms. ► Improvement in positive and negative affective states mediated the association. ► Increased physical activity self-efficacy mediated through improved positive affect. ► Psychosocial experiences of physical activity are important mediators of response.

This report reveals Canadian wellbeing dropped by 24% between 2008 and 2010 and the decline in our wellbeing continues despite subsequent economic recovery. It shows that  in the seventeen year period from 1994 to 2010, Canada's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by a robust 28.9% while our quality of life only improved by a very modest 5.7%.

The Atlanta Regional Commission and community partners hosted the Lifelong Communities Summit to highlight integrated approaches for creating communities that support healthy aging. Presentations and information for key topics showcased during the event are included here

The Lancet, Early Online Publication, 17 October 2012
Researchers have long assumed that seniors most often fall because they slipped or tripped, information based on interviews with the seniors themselves, incident reports or re-enactments in the laboratory….But Prof. Stephen Rabinovitch said falls his team observed “were really failed attempts at performing daily activities, like walking, sitting down, even standing, reaching or turning.”

American Journal of Preventive Medicine Vol 43, Iss 5, Suppl 4, Pgs S390–S391
Activate Omaha was successful in gaining credibility and leveraging additional funding to implement complementary programming and physical projects, and as a result, changing community perceptions and influencing policy decisions.

Volume 43, Issue 5, Supplement 4, Pages A1-A4, S267-S414 (Nov 2012)
A special issue of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.  Together, the articles in this supplement give decision makers a sense of how quickly and how much the environment can change within a 5-year period. Increases in physical activity, though modest, tend to support prevailing systematic reviews in the scientific literature.

There is strong scientific evidence that says frequent moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise during the week plays a significant preventative role in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. The human body…. is made to move, yet, hi-tech advances in civilized societies within the last 50 years have created an environment that promotes sedentary

American Journal of Preventive Medicine Vol 43, Iss 5, Nov 2012, Pages 551–561
The goal of the systematic review described in this summary was to determine the effectiveness of stand-alone mass media campaigns to increase physical activity at the population level. This systematic review is an update of a Community Guide systematic review and Community Preventive Services Task Force recommendation completed in 2001.

An updated guide from CPHA ($14.95).  This guide is designed to provide a glossary of terms used in questionnaire construction and question writing and provide a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” when writing questions and formatting questionnaires.

The American Planning Association has released a report that discusses a framework and tools for including public health goals and objectives in jurisdictions’ comprehensive planning processes.

This Province of Ontario project is based on the idea that community participation is key to the creation of vibrant and healthy public spaces. 

This project is designed to enhance capacity at the community, regional and provincial levels to increase healthy living opportunities for girls and young women from ethnic communities.

The top two wellness goals of employees categorized as fit and healthy were to improve general fitness (55%) and eat more healthily (43%). For those who were classified as unfit/unhealthy, the wellness goals were to lose weight (67%) and improve general fitness (56%)…. Major reasons to enroll in a company provided wellness program were that it was free and participation could improve health. Signing up with a coworker and convenience were also factors for some elements of a program.

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