March 16, 2012

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

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A 2 page pamphlet from the Physical Activity Coalition of Manitoba

Seniors are vulnerable in traffic. Therefore the Fietsersbond (Cyclists’ Union), aided by a senior test panel, researched possibilities for safer and more comfortable cycling.

Preventing Chronic Disease 2012; 9: 110114
Our results suggest that the most frequent users of a rail trail for PA are those who use the trail alone and travel to the trail by bicycle or on foot. Trails are an aspect of the built environment that supports active lifestyles, and future studies should evaluate different types of trails among more diverse populations and locations.

The purpose of this (Walk 21) breakout session is to stimulate thought and discussion about how and why children and families fit into pedestrian planning.

Both the telephone and online survey results are available for download. HarGroup Management Consultants conducted a telephone and online survey in September 2010 asking Calgarians about barriers to cycling and possible measures to encourage people to cycle more often.

This study examines the relationship between pedestrian perceptions of their right of way in marked versus unmarked crosswalks and the level of caution they exercise when crossing…. These findings suggest that marked crosswalks do not give pedestrians a false sense of security or correlate with reckless behavior.

Recommendations to the Manitoba government for Manitoba’s Active Transportation Advisory Network. (June 2011)

The purpose of the project which led to this review was to bring together experts from the fields of transport and physical activity, and complementary fields, to share knowledge and exchange ideas through a series of workshops, to examine the evidence of the role of transport in influencing levels of physical activity and hence its possible contribution to the solution of the health problems caused by the decline in physical activity.

Volume 2264 / 2011
17 articles on pedestrian technical issues.

Originally titled “Research of Management Plans for Sidewalk Snow Removal,” the title of this report was changed to Winter Maintenance of Pedestrian Facilities in Delaware: A Guide for Local Governments to reflect more comprehensive research endeavors on “best practices” for winter maintenance–management plans––particularly those that address pedestrian facilities, local government sidewalk snow-removal regulations, and innovations in snow removal.

Journal of Adolescent Health Available online 5 March 2012
Encouraging participation in organized sports teams/class/lessons in middle school girls may promote greater MVPA and vigorous physical activity than other activities and may help to better sustain PA levels over time.

Mental Health and Physical Activity Available online 13 March 2012
The purpose of this study was to compare the mental toughness of adolescents and young adults with self-reported exercise, physical activity and recommended levels of physical activity.

Preventing Chronic Disease 2012; 9: 110220
In this article, we describe the shift in intervention strategies that occurred among Steps communities, the model that was developed as Steps evolved, common interventions implemented before and after the shift in approach, challenges experienced by Steps communities, and CDC programs that were modeled after Steps.

Cardel Place, together with our community, Mount Royal University, and with support from the Flames Foundation for Life, has officially launched a groundbreaking new initiative. Raise the Bar is a generational campaign designed to increase physical activity among children, youth and families in north-central Calgary.

140th Annual Meeting October 27- 31st San Francisco, CA

September 10-13th Long Beach California

The wheels will be turning June 26-29, 2012 in Vancouver when the most complete global conference on cycling planning and infrastructure development rolls into town--and even though June is 'Bike Month,' bicycle wheels won't be the only things turning.

Step into the future! Come and share the experience Sep 30 - Oct 4 2012

American Journal of Preventive Medicine Vol 42, Iss 4, April 2012, Pp 355–362
Physical activity engagement in later life is associated with a lower risk of subsequent depressive symptoms, but the reverse association is not supported. The finding has underlying implications for future physical activity and mental health promotion in aged populations.

To learn more about the Age-Friendly Initiative, click on the report to learn how the Age-Friendly Initiative has been implemented locally, nationally, and internationally.

Silver Times *New website *
Silver Times is the official publication of ALCOA and is designed to offer solutions and inspiration for optimal aging for older adults.

Ageing Research Reviews Available online 14 March 2012
► Aging and obesity contribute to musculoskeletal diseases and sarcopenia. ► We reviewed randomized controlled trials for effect on functional performance. ► Multimodal exercise and diet improve mobility and function in the aging obese adult. ► Strengthening exercise attenuates muscle loss with interventions.

Psychology of Sport and Exercise Available online 7 March 2012
The primary objective was to examine the Theory of Planned Behaviour's (TPB) ability to explain PA behaviour in a randomly selected national sample of Canadian adults over a 15-year period. A secondary objective was to test the moderating effects of gender on TPB.

Physical activity levels among Canadian adults have been declining over the last decade. This article discusses: three main reasons or barriers that may contribute to this decline; and some of the enablers or ways to boost physical activity levels of adults, helping them to get past the barriers.

At the core of the text is a review of our current understanding of how physical activity affects health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity as well as aging and mental health.

Journal of Economic Psychology Available online 7 March 2012
We investigate the relationship between participation in physical activity and self reported happiness in the United States…..

CAPTURE is not limited to previously published literature or best practices. Instead, it seeks to harness the full breadth of knowledge that resides in our programs and communities, including tacit knowledge that isn’t documented anywhere else. Diane Finegood is the Executive Director.

The DataBank is intended to help the fields of Recreation/Sport/fitness/Active Living, Arts, Culture/Heritage, Parks/Greenspace focus on outcomes that matter to their work. It takes the best research available and then shows what our work can do for individuals, ‘families’, communities, economies, and the environment. Many of you may remember it in its earlier version “The Benefits Catalogue”.

LIN and ARPA have partnered to provide a filtered search of knowledge and resources designed specifically for recreation, parks, community building and healthy living practitioners. Powered by Google, it is focused on searching 45+ respected, partner web sites specifically related to recreation, parks, and active living. LIN's National Recreation Database and the Benefits DataBank are included in the search.

A set of principles and practices to support safer and more livable rural transport planning. Cows are apparently an excellent traffic calming and speed control device.

Portage La Prairie to host provincial conference on active transportation.

Applying research evidence to land development decisions to increase the health promoting ability of built environments.

Preventing Chronic Disease 2012; 9: 110165
Methods: We built a 6-block walking path and installed a school playground in an intervention neighborhood. Conclusion: Changes to the built environment may increase neighborhood physical activity in low-income, African American neighborhoods.

The Peel Region developed a framework for integrating health considerations into the land development processes—both at the development application stage as well as at prior policy stages.

Communities around the United States are addressing the problem of speed on their streets in a variety of ways. Every community’s problems and solutions are different, but there are some general approaches that resonate across the country.

The first Canadian study of its kind, this ICES Atlas examines the role neighbourhoods play in the diabetes epidemic. This study shows that low-density suburbs have low walkability and a higher prevalence of diabetes.

This report examines how traffic calming affects the number and severity of road collisions, air quality, environmental noise, and physical activity associated with active transportation.

Many people are concerned about the speed of automobiles in their community. Higher speeds create both a traffic safety hazard, and an environment in which people are uncomfortable walking. Defines operating speed, design speed and posted speed.

Fertility and Sterility Available online 15 March 2012
These findings indicate that PA of any type might improve fertility among overweight and obese women, a subgroup at higher risk of infertility. Lean women who substitute vigorous PA with moderate PA may also improve their fertility.

Provides renewed direction for the leadership and programs of Canadian Heritage in promoting and developing a strengthened sport system where women and girls are full, active and valued participants and leaders, experiencing quality sport and equitable support.

A new CAAWS resource designed to increase opportunities for women and girls as both participants and leaders in the Canadian sport and physical activity system. A valuable resource for everyone involved in sport and physical activity, it will support and guide those working with women and girls so they engage in, and maintain, healthy and active lifestyles.

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