January 13, 2012

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Note: where possible we provide the DOI to link to research papers in the Info Round up.  To use it, cut and paste the DOI into the text box on this webpage: Access to research articles will be dependent on your Institutional rights.

An information booklet for Aboriginal parents and service providers from the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development.

Come explore developments in Active Transportation with a focus on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. See how bringing Healthy Transportation options to your community yields health and wellness benefits and consider the economic and social rewards that come with making the place you call home, a livable community.

An information booklet for parents and service providers from the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development.

Journal of Cystic Fibrosis – in press, corrected proof
Conclusion: Step rate measured with a pedometer correlates significantly with changes in health status and self-reported activity, and could be used as an outcome measure in CF.

A PowerPoint presentation from the Stay active Eat Healthy initiative of BCRPA outlining background statistics for adult and childhood obesity and its consequences, and recreation facilities as “key community settings” that can influence behaviour of people in the community.

Communities have reported that the development of policy in support of healthy food and beverage sales has made the implementation of changes in food outlets - including vending, concessions and programs - easier and faster.  Policy development also provides support for change in the long term.
European Geriatric Medicine In Press, Corrected Proof
This study shows the feasibility of implementing a simple program of outdoor walking for older people in nursing homes. A sufficiently powered randomized controlled trial is necessary to prove the effectiveness and safety of our approach.

A new self-instructional, web-based learning package on the use and interpretation of the WHO Growth Charts adapted for Canada is now available... 5 modules:
Module 1 - Introduction to the WHO Growth Charts
Module 2 - Monitoring Growth: Measurements and Calculations
Module 3 – Interpreting the WHO Growth Charts
Module 4 – Childhood Obesity
Module 5 – Counseling to Promote Healthy Growth and Development

From this article, the reader should understand the following concepts: The difference between a fad and a trend / Worldwide trends in the commercial, corporate, clinical (including medical fitness), and community health and fitness industry / Expert opinions about identified fitness trends for 2012.

The new Online Business Case Creator (OBCC) is a tool that will guide you through a three-step process to assess and analyze your project and help you make your best recommendations about whether a project should move forward.

The Journal of Rural Health Volume 27, Issue 2, pages 141–150, Spring 2011
DOI: 10.1111/j.1748-0361.2010.00328.x
This paper assesses the degree to which “active living” varies along the rural-urban continuum, within the county-sized regional municipality of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The journal is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date rural health research, policy discussion and education information. Its principal goal is to advance professional practice, research, theory development, and public policy related to rural health.

Preventive Medicine Volume 50, Issue 4, April 2010, Pages 193–198
The literature does not show major differences in the physical activity levels between children from rural or urban areas. Where studied, the suburban built environment appears most conducive to promoting physical activity. Further research should use at least a trilateral division of the built environment and should also account for socioeconomic status, racial factors and seasonal effects.

The (open access) international electronic journal of rural and remote health research, education, practice and policy.

An active, healthy community is a place where everyone can live safely and get involved in activities they enjoy. …  Everyone has easy access to safe places to be active. The community offers inviting and affordable public parks and playgrounds, trails and sidewalks,

Maturitas  Available online 8 January 2012 In Press, Corrected Proof
A prospective daily diary study which applied experience sampling methods and time series modeling techniques investigated, at the within-person level, the relationship between objectively measured daily PA of varying intensities and self-reported menopausal HFs.

A one-page information sheet on the importance and benefits, both to health and economically, of replacing unhealthy choices in vending machines with healthy ones.

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