November 5, 2010

By Rosanne Prinsen MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

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They found that making federal funding available for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure has resulted in an increase in bicycle and pedestrian projects across the USA… In addition, support from local governments and advocacy groups is a key driver of support for bicycle and pedestrian investments at the metropolitan region level. Their findings resulted in a number of recommendations laid out in the report.

This review concluded that the evidence suggested that purpose-built dedicated cycleways reduced the risk of crashes and injuries compared with cycling on the road with traffic or off the road with pedestrians. As a number of aspects of the review process were not reported and study validity was not assessed the reliability of these conclusions is unclear.

BMJ 2010; 341:c5293 doi: 10.1136/bmj.c5293 (Published 18 October 2010)
Community-wide promotional activities and improving infrastructure for cycling have the potential to increase cycling by modest amounts, but further controlled evaluative studies incorporating more precise measures are required, particularly in areas without an established cycling culture.


Congratulations to Margaret Schwartz. Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) has bestowed the North American Society Fellowship Award on two leading Canadian health and physical education professionals for their commitment to ensuring that Canadian children and youth live physically active and healthy lives.

Obesity Reviews 2010 Jul;11(7):516-30. Epub 2009 Jul 28
Efforts to treat obesity in childhood and adolescence would benefit from a greater understanding of evidence-based strategies to modify physical activity behaviour. A systematic review was conducted to examine the impact of child and adolescent obesity treatment interventions on physical activity.


BMC Public Health 2010, 10:538
This paper reports the findings of a review of reviews of behavioral change interventions to reduce unhealthy behaviors or promote healthy behaviors. We included six different health-related behaviors in the review: healthy eating, physical exercise, smoking, alcohol misuse, sexual risk taking (in young people) and illicit drug use.

The Change4Life Convenience Stores project is to promote the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables in deprived areas. This report sets out the history and development of the project and the results of the evaluation of the pilot phase in the North East of England.


This review concluded that falls and falls risk can be reduced with group exercise programs and individualized exercise prescriptions in the community-dwelling older population. The most effective exercise variables were unknown. The authors' conclusions reflected the data presented, but their reliability is unclear as language and publication bias could not be ruled out.

Qualitative inquiry into community-scale and street-scale factors associated with mobility in older adults. Includes suggestions for use and data collection tips. Supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Prevention Research Centers Program.


Yay! I found it on-line again.  Click on “Your “Go for Green” Prescription!” to get to the actual .pdf.


The IPA Guide explores how we have constructed barriers to active living, and explains what effects these barriers have had on the health of the children, seniors, and everyone in between. Most importantly, for those living in communities that do not support active living, the IPA Guide provides a framework for constructing a more walkable, bicycle-friendly, and healthy future.


Diabetes Care. 2010 Sep 27. [Epub ahead of print]
Conclusions: Higher levels of physical activity prior to pregnancy or in early pregnancy are associated with a significantly lower risk of developing GDM.

This review concluded that healthy pregnant women may benefit from exercise at a moderate intensity for longer than the recommended 30 minutes per day and after discussions with a health professional should be encouraged to continue exercise while pregnant. Given the limitations with the review process and potential limitations with the synthesis, the authors' conclusions should be interpreted with caution.


Studies have shown that adding yoga into your work day can relieve your stress, improve your mood and even increase your focus.

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