August 27, 2010

By Rosanne Prinsen MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Note: where possible we provide the DOI to link to research papers in the Info Round up. To use it, cut and paste the DOI into the text box on this webpage: Access to research articles will be dependent on your Institutional rights.

Rise of Foot Powered Travel in America
A graphic from the US that shows the increase in walking and cycling, coincident with increasing investment in AT infrastructure.

Shared path widths
How wide should paths shared between pedestrians and cyclists be? This poster provides practical guidance on the design and management of non-motorized facilities.

Walking and Cycling to Health: A Comparative Analysis of City, State, and International Data
American Journal of Public Health online ahead of print 19 August 2010

Together with many other studies, our analysis provides evidence of the population-level health benefits of active travel. Policies on transport, land-use, and urban development should be designed to encourage walking and cycling for daily travel.

Physical Activity Duration and Steps Are Associated with Lower Total and Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Overweight Girls, but Not Boys
Journal of the American Dietetic Association Vol 110, Iss 9, Suppl 1

The results suggest that both number of steps and PA intensity may have a more significant impact on blood lipids in overweight girls than boys.

Journal of the American Dietetic Association
Volume 110, Issue 9, Supplement 1, Pages A1-A144 (September 2010)
This supplement contains information on papers from the ADA Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, ADA Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. There are many here that deal with physical activity – check out the table of contents!

Preventing Chronic Disease September 2010 Issue
The September issue of this online journal from the CDC is now available. Includes and article titled: “Effects of Perceived Neighborhood Characteristics and Use of Community Facilities on Physical Activity of Adults With and Without Disabilities”

Accelerometer use in a physical activity intervention trial
Contemporary Clinical Trials Article in Press – Uncorrected Proof

The authors found that until more information validating the use of accelerometry in clinical trials becomes available, properly administered self-report measures of PA should remain part of the assessment battery.

Bright Ideas, Let’s Get Moving
One click - access to 2500+ physical activity ideas. This tool improves access to hundreds of high quality activities ranging from skill-based lessons, full-games, warm ups, cool downs, and more!

Choosing Where We Live: Attracting Residents to Transit-Oriented Neighborhoods; A Briefing Book for City Planners and Managers
This report identifies various housing market segments and describes ways to make transit oriented development more attractive in response to their specific needs and preferences. It includes recommendations for improving walking and cycling condition, transit service quality, neighborhood livability (quiet, cleanliness and safety), school quality and accessibility, parking management, and urban housing affordability.

Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach, Recommended Practice
This free new report by the Institute of Transportation Engineers provides practical guidance on the application of Context Sensitive Solutions to create roadways that better integrate diverse planning objectives and meet community needs.

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