July 30, 2010

By Rosanne Prinsen MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Note: where possible we provide the DOI to link to research papers in the Info Round up. To use it, cut and paste the DOI into the text box on this webpage:

Active Facts: Ramps & Channels to Link Bikes & Trains
In communities where bicyclists have been allowed to take their bicycles on transit, there is often a daunting barrier: stairs…. Nearly 40 colleagues from around the U.S, Canada, Denmark, the U.K., and Australia contributed ideas, resources, and comments to the project.

Creating a RoadMap for Producing & Implementing a Bicycle Master Plan
This guide will provide those contemplating the development of a BMP a compelling roadmap that will motivate them to follow a proven, step-by-step process for developing and implementing a successful BMP.

Family Dog Ownership and Levels of Physical Activity in Childhood: Findings From the Child Heart and Health Study in England
Am J. Public Health, First Look, published online ahead of print July 15, 2010

Children from dog-owning families spent more time in light or moderate to vigorous physical activity and recorded higher levels of activity counts per minute and steps per day than did children without dogs.

Influence of Schoolyard Renovations on Children's Physical Activity: The Learning Landscapes Program
Am J. Public Health, First Look, published online ahead of print July 15, 2010

Because few public elementary schools in the United States provide daily physical education or its equivalent for all students throughout the school year, noncurriculum approaches to increasing children's physical activity are important. Renovated schoolyards increase the number of children who are physically active, as well as their overall activity levels, and reduce sedentary behaviors.

Nature as a Second Language
Part of Alberta's Plan for Parks and the strategy to implement an inclusion strategy. This program supports the full participation of new Canadians through experiences, knowledge and skill development, and mentorship programs aimed at increasing environmental and recreational literacy among Alberta's newest residents.

Health-promoting factors and good health among Canadians in mid- to late life
Under the heading “Findings” click on the link to ‘full text’ to see the data tables.

National Physical Activity Plan for the United States
This link takes you to the document itself. The launch announcement was listed in an earlier info round up.

Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Weight
Information from the Canadian Medical Association.

Certificate in Sustainable Transportation: Planning and Livable Communities (autumn 2010)
Offered by the University of Washington. Designed for Urban and regional planners, traffic engineers, transportation engineers, freight analysts, environmental professionals and environmental advocates / Individuals responsible for planning and implementing sustainable practices related to transportation or community planning.

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