June 18, 2010

By Rosanne Prinsen MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Note: where possible we provide the DOI to link to research papers in the Info Round up. To use it, cut and paste the DOI into the text box on this webpage:

Bicycle Helmet Use, 2009
Data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey.

Get Walking – A Simple Way to Exercise
This article looks at the many benefits of walking and offers useful tips on how to make walking a regular habit, including how to use a pedometer.

The National Bicycling and Walking Study: 15–Year Status Report
This report is the third status update to the National Bicycling and Walking Study, originally published in 1994 as an assessment of bicycling and walking as transportation modes in the United States.

Getting Students Active through Safe Routes to School: Policies and Action Steps
for Education Policymakers and Professionals
This resource guide is intended for education policymakers, administrators and personnel at the state, school district and individual school levels. It provides a detailed examination of the most up-to-date and relevant research linking physical activity and academic achievement, as well as the current rates of activity among school-aged youth. Safe Routes to School is presented as a viable option to not only help increase students’ physical activity levels, but also as a strategy to build community support for schools, help make the school a safer and more pleasant environment, address rising transportation costs and respond to national school health initiatives.

Putting Physical Activity Where It Fits in the School Day: Preliminary Results of the ABC (Activity Bursts in the Classroom) for Fitness Program
Preventing Chronic Disease 2010;7(4).
Conclusion: The effects of the program on daily physical activity, fitness, and measures of health are beneficial

Communities Taking Action
Communities Taking Action is a collection of profiles that showcase successful community initiatives aimed at improving health equity. People are healthier when they have easy access to parks, spaces to play, and healthy, affordable foods right in their own communities.

The Getting Around Guide: An AARP Guide to Walking, Bicycling and Public Transportation
For many people, hopping in the car is so automatic they forget about cheaper, healthier, and more enjoyable transportation alternatives, or don’t know how to find them in their neighborhoods. This booklet will help you take advantage of the many fun and healthy options available, whether you live in a small town, suburb, or big city. It includes practical tips and advice on identifying these options and getting started using them.

Legacies of North American Olympic Winter Games: Vancouver 2010
This volume sums up the legacies of the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games inasmuch as they can be assessed in the months after the event.

Physical activity during leisure time, 2009
Latest data from the Canadian Community Health Survey. The most popular leisure-time activity was walking: almost 70% reported walking during leisure time in the past three months. Gardening, home exercise, swimming, jogging and bicycling were also popular.

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