April 28, 2010

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

City of Edmonton Walkability Strategy reports
The Proposed Walkability Strategy is the report supplied by the consultant, and the Walk Edmonton Report is the summary report detailing what the City could undertake.

Educating the bicycle and pedestrian planners of tomorrow
University instructors who want to incorporate bicycle- and pedestrian-specific concepts into their graduate transportation planning programs can now access a full set of materials developed by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

A systematic map of the research on the relationship between Obesity and Sedentary Behaviour in young people
Physical activity is mentioned 127 times in this 62 page paper – most of them in the extensive reference section. This systematic map of the quantitative research literature on the relationship between obesity and sedentary behaviour in young people aged 6-16 aimed to identify literature on the factors that link sedentary behaviour with obesity as well as interventions that influence obesity/sedentary behaviour.

Children’s views about obesity, body size, shape and weight: A systematic review
This systematic review aims to identify, appraise and synthesise published and unpublished research on children’s views about obesity, body size, shape and weight. The review focuses upon children aged four to eleven living in the UK and addresses the following questions:

  • What are children’s views about the meanings of obesity or body size, shape or weight (including their perceptions of their own body size), and what experiences do they describe relating to these issues?
  • What are children’s views about influences on body size?
  • What are children’s views about changes that may help them to achieve or maintain a healthy weight?
Take 5! Media Challenge Deadline Extended - May 31st
Share your thoughts about how your teachers, coaches and parents can motivate you to get active and stay smoke-free with the Take 5! “Motivate Me!” Media Challenge. To be eligible, youth participants must be between the ages of 8-17, living in a Canadian province or territory. One entry per participant only. Group submissions accepted.

Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Healthy Weights Guideline for Chronic Disease Prevention
Cancer Care Ontario developed this guideline - the first time a cancer agency in Canada has established public health guidelines for the primary prevention of cancer and other chronic disease. The intent of this guideline is to provide specific and actionable recommendations that will enable public health and other professionals working in chronic disease prevention to make decisions about the provision of programs and resources for the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.

Improving health literacy for older adults: Expert panel report 2009
The challenges of making sense of health information are especially great for the increasing proportion of people aged 65 years and older…….

International Council on Active Aging TV
An open access service that provides streaming video interviews with experts, and news from industry suppliers. You are also able to share your news, knowledge and expertise, by posting your videos online.

Faking Places - April Fools Edition
The Project for Public Spaces, always a source of information and inspiration, offers a tongue in cheek April Fools edition of their newsletter that is worth a chuckle or two.

Walkable and Livable Communities Institute
Their mission is to make cities and towns throughout the world walkable, bicycle and transit friendly, livable, sustainable, socially engaging and welcoming places by improving their built form.

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