September 28, 2009

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

After School Recreation Initiatives: Final Report
This study examines the state of afterschool recreation programming (in Alberta) and identifies opportunities for engaging recreation practitioners and allied stakeholders in developing a provincial strategy for action to create quality afterschool programs as a way to use those hours for constructive, healthy activities.

Encourage the Kids, Support the Game
A community education campaign, funded by the Victorian Government and VicHealth, which aims to stamp out poor spectator behaviour in junior sport so that players, parents, all spectators and officials can enjoy the game

Interactions of socioeconomic position with psychosocial and environmental correlates of children's physical activity
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2009, 6:56
Learn how socioeconomic, psychosocial and environmental factors relate to physical activity in this new study from South Australia.

Type 1 Diabetes: Living Well with Diabetes
This section of the NHS (UK) Choices website provides information about eating a healthy diet if you type 1 diabetes. It is aimed at the general public.

Type 2 Diabetes: Diet
This section of the NHS Choices website provides information about eating a healthy diet if you type 2 diabetes. It is aimed at the general public.

MS Practice - for health professionals
A series of free resources developed for health professionals & students who work with people with MS, developed by MS Australia and physiotherapy experts is now available.

Study Suggests Easy Access to Fast-Food Restaurants, Coupled with No Access to a Car, Prompts Weight Gain
The researchers attribute the weight variations to the fact that individuals who are less affluent and do not own cars are unable to travel the distance necessary to obtain healthier foods, resulting in overreliance on the lower-priced, higher-calorie foods available at fast-food outlets

Marketing and Communicating to Older Adults
This presentation from the Canadian Centre on Activity and Aging 2009 Research to Action conference provides an overview of marketing fundamentals - know your product, know your audience, have a plan - and how to apply this to the older adults market segment.

Disentangling the Risks Associated With Weight Status, Diet, and Physical Activity
We conclude that sufficient evidence demonstrates that the effects of weight status on cardiovascular and metabolic risk can be mediated by physical activity and CRF (5-9). As public health researchers, we should refocus our investigations to better understand the separate effects of diet and physical activity in the total population, regardless of a person’s weight status, and use the most objective measures possible. These efforts will enable us to determine the most favorable physical activity and fitness levels for all Americans to reach optimal health and prevent illness.

Validity of Self-Reported Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index: Findings From the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2001-2006
Men and women significantly overreport their height, increasingly so at older ages. Men tend to overestimate their weight, but women underreport their weight, more so in younger ages. Corresponding BMI is underestimated, more so for women than for men at each age and increasingly so with older age for both sexes.

Website-delivered physical activity interventions: a review of the literature
The results found some evidence suggesting that website-delivered physical activity interventions produced increased levels of physical activity. The effects of the interventions were short-term. There was limited evidence of continued changes in physical activity

New urban community promotes social networks and walking
This study is probably the first to show, in an academic study, such a big difference in social activity between a new urban community and a comparable suburban development. Also, it is the first to show such high rates of walking to stores.

Life events and changing physical activity patterns in women at different life stages
Annals of Behavioral Medicine 37(3)
See how life events can affect physical activity participation in the latest results from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health.

Workplace resource kit
The Western Australia Department of Sport and Recreation have produced a new resource kit for developing physical activity and health programs in the workplace. (It’s large 48.1 MB)


September 18, 2009

By Rosanne Prinsen MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living


Tools to Encourage Active Transportation – Kingston, ON
A report suggesting a variety of measures to encourage Kingstonians to choose active forms of transportation like walking or cycling. "Trails for Active Transportation" was developed out of a Walk & Bike for Life community workshop on Active Transportation that took place last March.


Benefits of Providing SPORT 4 ALL YOUTH
Evidence that quality youth sport programs that remove the participation barriers of cost and transportation will help reduce crime, drug use, depression, and obesity.

Journal of Adolescent Health: Special Issue on Adolescent Obesity
This supplement highlights recent findings that illustrate the depth of research related to adolescent obesity prevention and its relevance for informing policy changes. The issue is free and open to the public.

Local Government Actions to Prevent Childhood Obesity
The report identifies specific actions that local (USA) governments can take to improve healthy eating and increase physical activity in communities. Highlighted are twelve policies that have the greatest potential for impact, including incentive programs to attract grocery stores to underserved areas, complete streets policies, and joint use. Many of these policies can be found in Prevention Institute’s Environmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool (ENACT), along with tools and resources for implementation

Physical Literacy Website Launched
PHE Canada has launched a new website that targets educators and parents to support the development of physical literacy in children and youth.

SPARK Together for Healthy Kids
Spark Together for Healthy Kids is the Heart and Stroke Foundation's response to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. This announcement also includes the release of a report card on the Heart Health of Ontario’s children.


Disability Health Promotion Network
A new on-line health promotion resource from the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD). Our goal is to provide credible and timely health information for people living with disabilities and seniors living with disabilities. In the absence of the Canadian Health Network SMD thought that it was important to continue to provide an online health promotion tool for the groups of people that our organization serves.


The Role of the Registered Dietitian in Primary Health Care: A National Perspective
Dietitians of Canada (DC) released a report describing the integral role played by registered dietitians, as members of multi-disciplinary teams that contribute to promoting and supporting health among Canadians. The report presents evidence for the cost-effectiveness of nutrition services in the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and heart disease.


Health Impact Assessment e-News
Produced by the Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE), part of the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Checklist of Essential Features of Age-friendly Cities
This checklist is intended to be used by individuals and groups interested in making their city more age-friendly. For the checklist to be effective, older people must be involved as full partners.

Growing Stronger - Strength Training for Older Adults
From the CDC a web-site showing a series of exercises including the warm up and cool down.

How much physical activity do older adults need?
From the CDC. As an older adult, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can prevent many of the health problems that seem to come with age. It also helps your muscles grow stronger so you can keep doing your day-to-day activities without becoming dependent on others.


APHA Physical Activity Special Primary Interest Group (PA SPIG)
The groups mission is to provide a visible and credible home within APHA for PA researchers, practitioners, advocates and partners, help close the gap between science and practice, and integrate PA into APHA’s advocacy efforts.

Physical Activity for Everyone – Videos
From the CDC, these videos help explain the guidelines, give you tips on how to meet them and show you how to do muscle strengthening exercises properly.


Increasing the use of evidence in health policy: practice and views of policy makers and researchers
Australia and New Zealand Health Policy 2009, 6:21
Better communication is often suggested as fundamental to increasing the use of research evidence in policy, but little is known about how researchers and policy makers work together or about barriers to exchange. This study explored the views and practice of policy makers and researchers regarding the use of evidence in policy. The paper identifies four potential strategies for increasing the use of research in policy.


Where We Want To Be: Home Location Preferences And Their Implications For Smart Growth
Although market surveys indicate that most North American households preferred single-family homes, they also indicate strong and growing consumer preference for smart growth features such as accessibility and modal options (reflected as short commutes and convenient walkability to local services).

September 4, 2009

By Rosanne Prinsen MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Rosanne will be on holidays next week :) Info Round Up will return September 18.

Communities in Motion: Bringing active transportation to life
From the Federation of Municipalities and Green Municipal Fund. Learn how your municipal government can take action to integrate active transportation into your planning.

The Economic Benefits of Bicycle Infrastructure Investments
This article highlights the impact the bicycle industry and bicycle tourism can have on state and local economies, describes the need for bicycle facilities, discusses the cost effectiveness of investments, points out the benefits of bike facilities for business districts and neighborhoods, and identifies the cost savings associated with a mode shift from car to bicycle. The evidence demonstrates that investments in bicycle infrastructure make good economic sense as a cost effective way to enhance shopping districts and communities, generate tourism and support business.

Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers Take Action to Increase Physical Activity for Children and Youth
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, August 14, 2009 - Federal, provincial and territorial Ministers responsible for Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation, at their annual meeting, agreed to take specific key measures to increase physical activity levels for children and youth.

Interventions for treating obesity in children
A review by Health Evidence – With a ‘strong’ review quality rating.

Physical activity in young people—Assessment and methodological issues
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 2009, 12: 513-514
Learn about useful strategies to engage parents to increase physical activity in young people.

School Bicycling and Walking Policies: Addressing Policies that Hinder and Implementing Policies that Help
A tip sheet by the National Center for Safe Routes to School and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Sept. 1, 2009

Why Kids Need Hangouts
Do kids have a hangout place in your neighborhood? If they don’t, they probably won’t spend much time there.

Alberta Interactive Health Data Application
Provides information on health status and determinants of health. The IHDA contains many health indicators derived from various sources, in topics such as Children's Health, Chronic Disease, Demographic Patterns, Immunization Events, Injury Patterns, and Mortality Patterns in Alberta.

Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs) from the Diet and Cancer Report
The site has been updated with all the systematic literature reviews (SLRs) that underpin the Expert Report. These SLRs were conducted by nine independent teams of scientists from institutions around the world, who carried out reviews on the different types of cancer, as well as on cancer survivors, obesity, and authoritative reports on other chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

The effectiveness of exercise in the management of post-natal depression: Systematic review and meta-analysis
They conclude: Due to heterogeneity, it is uncertain whether exercise reduces symptoms of PND.

Expected values for pedometer-determined physical activity in older populations
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2009, 6:59
The purpose of this review is to update expected values for pedometer-determined physical activity in free-living healthy older populations.

National Seniors Australia- Promoting Productive Ageing Online
Minister for Ageing, Justine Elliot today officially launched two online tools developed by National Seniors Australia to help recognize and promote productive ageing in Australia. The Productive Ageing Centre website and The Atlas of Productive Ageing.

Correspondence of perceived vs. objective proximity to parks and their relationship to park-based physical activity
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2009, 6:53
Poor levels of correspondence were observed between self-reported and objective proximity to parks, but certain individual, neighborhood, and park variables increased the likelihood of a participant being aware of local parks. Future research should examine how people conceptualize parks and what urban and park planners can do to increase awareness and use of these community assets.

New Zealand Outdoor Recreation Strategy 2009 - 2015

Applying health impact assessment to land transport planning
The New Zealand Transport Agency has released a report that examines the application and incorporation of a health impact assessment into transportation planning in New Zealand.

Walking the Walk: How Walkability Raises Housing Values in U.S. Cities
The report, analyzed data from 94,000 real estate transactions in 15 major markets provided by ZipRealty found that in 13 of the 15 markets, higher levels of walkability, as measured by Walk Score, were directly linked to higher home values.

Girls Only Incentive Program
Its goal is to facilitate the development of new sport programs that are tailored specifically to the needs of girls and women in communities across BC. The project provides workshops and seed funding to BC communities to aid in the implementation of girls only programming.

British Heart Foundation – Health at Work website
The website replaces the old Think fit! website, and has been redesigned with a new, fresh, vibrant look, easier navigation, lots of new content and exciting features.

The website contains up-to-date information on physical activity, healthy eating and mental wellbeing, plus lots of ideas, practical tools and downloads for the workplace health promoter to create a health club at work.