June 26, 2009

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Bike Belles
This website aims to dispel the myths and barriers that sometimes prevent girls from cycling.

Cycling awareness
From the London Telegraph…. “Cyclists were encouraged to slow down thanks to this crater-sized 'hole' in the middle of a towpath. But the hole is an optical illusion, a three-dimensional drawing of a canyon, in an attempt to make careless cyclists hit the brakes rather than ride dangerously and ignore pedestrians..."

Cyclist Harassment A Misdemeanor in Columbia (MO)
Harassment of bicyclists, including shouting threats and honking for the purpose of frightening a cyclist (is now) a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by $1,000 fine or a year in jail.

Town Hall Presentation
10-minute video featuring Dan Burden of Walkable Communities, Inc.;

Way To Go, Seattle!
Way to Go, Seattle! is the City’s umbrella for all of our various, coordinated efforts to increase walking, biking, transit use, carpooling and other eco ways to get around. We’re your resource for Seattle’s “drive less” programs, as well as useful tools and tips to help you get around without driving.

The site is divided into two sections. One section is designed for teachers and hosts a variety of resources to use in the classroom to educate children about bone health. The second section is for children and provides interactive games and quizzes to enhance their learning of bone health.

The Built Environment: Designing Communities to Promote Physical Activity in Children
The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a strong policy statement that encourages pediatricians to advocate for policy changes to enable children to safely walk and bicycle in their communities.

AICR Annual Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer
November 5th & 6th 2009. This year’s topics include: Challenges of conducting dietary clinical trials; Nutrition and behavior in cancer survivorship; Phytochemicals in herbs, spices and fruits; Bioenergetics and cancer; Turning cancer prevention policy into action and Physical activity and cancer.

International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health
May 5th – 8th 2010. The 3rd in a series of Congresses organized to better understand the research, public policies and programs pertaining to the complex relationships between physical activity and health.

Knowledge Transfer: Some Assembly Required
September 30th - October 2nd 2009. Hosted by the Health Research Network of Alberta. With the help of our expert speakers and each other, we will explore and gain an appreciation for complexity theory and complex adaptive systems and what this tells us about knowledge transfer or translation (KT), learn what tools and techniques can help facilitate KT, learn how to develop KT plans and how to assess them, and discover how we might measure the success of our KT efforts.

Institute of Wellbeing
Launched June 11th, 2009. Their signature product - the Canadian Index of Wellbeing -will track Canada’s progress and provide a set of indicators in eight interconnected categories that will enable us to see whether we are better or worse off than we used to be, whether we will leave the world a better or worse place for the generations that follow, and what we need to change to achieve a better outcome.

Guidance for Occupational therapy and physical activity interventions to promote the mental wellbeing of older people in primary care and residential care
This guidance is for all those involved in promoting older people's mental wellbeing. It focuses on practical support for everyday activities, based on occupational therapy principles and methods.

Youth Beyond Blue
A new youth mental health website to help raise awareness of symptoms of depression and anxiety, and to help youth get help. See factsheet #7 and #12 for information related to physical activity.

A Systematic Review of the Evidence Base for Developing a Physical Activity and Health Legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
This systematic review sets out the lessons learned from the best available international evidence. It will enable us to work with greater confidence towards securing a true and lasting health and physical activity legacy from the 2012 Games.

BCPRA Physical Activity Strategy Seasonal Newsletter
Spring 2009 version of the BC Recreation and Parks Association newsletter. While visiting their website, you can also learn about how your community can support inactive adults with regular physical activity.

Early management of persistent non-specific low back pain
With regards to physical activity and exercise, this guidance recommends advising patients to stay physically active and to carry on with normal activities as far as possible.

Weighing it Up
The Australian Government's response to obesity, including several physical activity recommendations.

City Dwellers Worldwide Healthier than Suburban Counterparts
"No matter which country you are in, new research finds those who live in an urban neighborhood are twice as likely to be physically active the those in the suburbs. According to a San Diego State University study published in this month's American Journal of Preventative Medicine, the biggest single factor influencing physical activity around the world is accessibility to sidewalks.

Public Spaces & Public Life Perth 2009
The surveys document urban change over time and provide empirical evidence of the significant improvement in city life that result from the increase of public space quality. This study analyses the evolution of public space in Perth city centre, contrasting survey data collected in 2008/09 with their seminal study of 1993/94.

Determinants of participation in worksite health promotion programmes: a systematic review.
International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2009, 6:26
this review found that worksite health promotion programs that provide 1) incentives; 2) offer a multi-component strategy: and 3) focus on multiple behaviors rather than on physical activity only have a higher participation level.

Improving Diet and Physical Activity with ALIVE: A Worksite Randomized Trial
American Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 36, Issue 6, Pages 475-483 (June 2009)
An RCT, conducted in 2006, of a 16-week e-mail program offered individually tailored, small-step goals; a personal homepage with tips; educational materials; and tracking and simulation tools.

Workplace Wellness Programs: Benefits
A USA Today news article titled: Cost-conscious companies re-evaluate wellness programs. “Companies, desperate to slice fat from their budgets during this recession, increasingly are targeting workplace wellness programs ……”

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