June 19, 2009

By Rosanne Prinsen MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Association for Commuter Transportation of Canada (ACT Canada)
ACT Canada is a Canadian national association that was created to meet the needs of Transport Demand Management professionals in Canada. Recently launched...... the Association serves its members by providing quality tools, resources and services. ACT Canada fosters partnerships and offers networking and professional development opportunities to its members.

Make it Happen: Pedestrian Safety. A Guide for Communities
On page 7 of this report from Safe Kids Canada, children’s ability to judge vehicular speed is discussed.

The burden of chronic disease on business and US competitiveness: excerpt from the 2009 almanac of chronic disease
Lots of current statistics here.

Keeping America Healthy: Essential Elements of Successful Programs
This report provides a detailed analysis of successful population health improvement programs in general and within four specific settings: schools, communities, workplaces, and the health care system.

Supporting Healthy Communities Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
This policy brief outlines many of the specific ways that state and local policy-makers can use funding from the economic recovery act to create safe places for physical activity and improve access to healthy foods in communities. This brief is especially targeted towards decision-makers serving vulnerable communities, including lower-income, rural, and racial and ethnic minority populations.

Supporting Healthy Communities – Charts

CFLRI Lifestyle Tips - Encouraging Seniors to be More Active
It’s not about how young you are—it’s about how young you feel! And you’re never too old to benefit from physical activity…….

CFLRI Research File – Encouraging Seniors to be More Active
Older adults face multiple barriers to becoming and staying physically active and are less likely to meet public health goals for physical activity…….

Policies for healthy ageing : an overview
The first section briefly defines what is meant by healthy ageing and discusses similar concepts – such as “active ageing”. The paper then groups policies into four different types and within each, it describes the range of individual types of programs that can be brought to bear to enhance improved health of the elderly.

CFLRI Announces 2007 Sport Monitor Bulletins
CFLRI announces the 2007 sport monitor is now release in their entirety

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