January 30, 2009

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Bike Route Toaster is a course creation application primarily aimed at Garmin Edge/Forerunner owners although other users without a GPS may also find it useful for planning rides. Courses are created using Google maps and then downloaded from the server.

Put very simply, Bikely helps cyclists share knowledge of good bicycle routes. I entered “Edmonton” in to the search feature and it came up with 73 routes.

Enjoying healthier food and drinks at events
Caterers for groups and organizations can play an important role in supporting healthy eating, a key step in reducing one's risk of heart disease.

Sports nutrition handbook – Public health nutrition program
Brand new! 2009 from Alberta Health Services. “This package can help athletes, coaches and parents learn about nutrition for active people. Proper nutrition can help optimize performance, and everyone can play a part.”

The benefits of physical activity
Found on the Centers for Disease Control web-site – last updated December 2008.

British Columbia Physical Activity Strategy
The Strategy is committed to its goal to improve the health of British Columbians through leadership that enhances community action to promote physical activity, with a targeted focus on inactive 35-54 year olds.

British Journal of Sport Medicine January 2009, Volume 43, 1
There are lots of great articles in this issue. Information on physical activity in general, for children, for older adults, in the workplace and more.

Take a walk today
Tips to encourage walking - excellent example of an email that could be sent out to employees.

Walk On
Ontario Communities walkON, a program that will, over the next three years, help make 24 Ontario cities and towns more walkable.

What's Holding You Back? Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity
This fact sheet provides tips on how to overcome personal barriers to physical activity.

Designing and planning for play: public space lessons
Bland playgrounds are restricting children’s creativity, with local authorities relying on an identical KFC, ‘kit, fence and carpet’, approach to design. This document has been published to encourage local authorities to seize this opportunity to create spaces that allow children to use their imagination, with natural play design.

Land in limbo - making the best use of vacant urban spaces: public space lessons
Land in limbo looks at how to transform these spaces into public assets. It outlines the obstacles faced, the actions required and the benefits to be gained from bringing vacant land back into use.

Public space lessons: Improving park performance
If a local authority wants to improve the performance of its green space services, where should it begin? And how will it know when it has succeeded?


Be active at work
Tips on easy ways to fit activity into your work day.

Ensuring a supportive environment at work
How to use the physical environment in and around your workplace to support your staff’s efforts to be physically active.

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