December 5, 2008

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Active Transportation: Moving Canadians towards better health
A Hot Topic discussion paper from the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada

Frequently Asked Questions about Bikeways by Adjacent Residents
Discusses the impact of developing new bikeways in existing neighborhoods. ( from Vancouver)

Trails bring crime myth
“The premise that trails bring crime is pretty ridiculous. It's not exactly the best get away vehicle, nor is it easy to carry a lot of stuff. And wouldn't that be an argument for not building roads?.....”


Community Decision-Making Toolkit
The list of Decision-Making Tools below contains a variety of methods to help communities generate ideas, prioritize issues and weigh options. Simple to use, these tools can easily be adapted to fit the needs of your particular community requirements.

In Alberta recreation and parks matter research summary: Public perceptions on use and benefits of local government recreation and parks services
The report that follows provides clear evidence of the contribution that recreation and parks make to the public good. It also confirms that the general public understands both the direct and intangible benefits of these services, strongly supports those services and acknowledges that they are essential to social and community development and environmental sustainability.

Men’s health
Information and advice on the most common health issues affecting men, including testicular cancer, hair loss, stress and more.... There is a lot out there for women; this is one of the few for men.

A systematic policy approach to changing the food system and physical activity environments to prevent obesity
As obesity prevention becomes an increasing health priority in many countries, including Australia and New Zealand, the challenge that governments are now facing is how to adopt a systematic policy approach to increase healthy eating and regular physical activity. This article sets out a structure for systematically identifying areas for obesity prevention policy action across the food system and full range of physical activity environments.

The key to fighting fat may lie in the pockets of public policy makers
Zoning laws and taxes can be used to encourage healthier lifestyles.

BHF National Centre for physical activity+health
This is the 2nd issue of their new newsletter.

Physical Activity and Population Health Research Lab
Physical Activity and Population Health (PAPH) Research Laboratory directed by Dr. Ron Plotnikoff focuses on individual/behavioural- and environmental-level theory and intervention development/testing for the prevention and management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as the promotion of healthy body weight and general health of the population through physical activity.

Sports and Physical Recreation: A Statistical Overview, Australia, 2008 (Edition 2)
This report provides a statistical overview of the output of the sports and physical recreation sector, employment in sports and physical recreation, government outlays on recreation, international trade in sports and physical recreation goods, attendances at sporting events, and participation in sports and physical recreation activities.

Trails: Safety, Land Value, Fears
This page briefly outlines the normal and reasonable questions and concerns (crime, property values) that people have about trails.

Physical activity and health in mid-age and older Australian women
Physical activity has a significant role in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, diabetes, mental health problems, and musculoskeletal problems in women.

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