August 22, 2008

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc

Alberta Centre for Active Living

9th International conference on walking
Barcelona October 8th – 10th, 2008

Accessible sidewalks
A four-part video developed by the U.S. Access Board to illustrate access issues and considerations in the design of sidewalks.- Part I: Design Issues for Pedestrians who use Wheelchairs (10.00 min.)- Part II: Design Issues for Pedestrians with Ambulatory Impairments (7.51 min.)- Part III: Design Issues for Pedestrians with Low Vision (11.24 min.)- Part IV: Design Issues for Pedestrians who are Blind (11.19 min.)Can be watched online; a free DVD is also available.

The links between the neighborhood food environment and childhood nutrition
“This paper identifies key investigations of the neighborhood food environment, examines current efforts to bring about improvements, and discusses new research and policy priorities.”

A healthier America: 10Top Priorities for Prevention
Physical activity is mentioned throughout.

The effect of a pedometer-based physical activity intervention on sitting time
Preventive Medicine, 2008, 47(2): 179-181. After 1 year of intervention, total, weekday, and weekend day sitting times were reduced in the intervention community, while sitting time increased in the comparison community.

Physical activity as a strategy for maintaining tobacco abstinence: A randomised trial
Preventive Medicine, 2008, 47(2): 215:220. PA promotion as an adjunct to tobacco treatment increases moderate to vigorous PA (MVPA) levels; changes in MVPA predict sustained abstinence, perhaps by improving mood and self-efficacy.

A hierarchy of sociodemographic and environmental correlates of walking and obesity
Preventive Medicine, 2008, 47(2): 172:178. These analyses reveal that gender and ethnic subgroups display substantially different weight outcomes across different levels of walkability. In contrast, walking was consistently higher for all groups in the more walkable neighborhoods…... This information supports a more efficient use of scarce resources to promote physical activity and healthy body weight.

Our cities, our health, our future: Acting on social determinants for health equity in urban settings
Physical activity is mentioned throughout.

Why place matters: Building a movement for healthy communities
“The framework described in this report provides a way to understand the relationship between community conditions and health, analyzes the connections among all of the environmental factors that contribute to a healthy community, and identifies both protective and negative environmental effects on community health.”

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