June 26, 2008

Rosanne Prinsen, MSc
Resource Coordinator
Alberta Centre for Active Living

Rosanne has decided to heed Health Canada's advice about getting enough vitamin D. She will be taking a couple weeks off to soak up some rays. Look for the next Physical Activity Information Round-Up on July 21st.


Cardio-respiratory fitness and physical activity in youth with type 2 diabetes
This study examined whether cardio-respiratory fitness and physical activity are reduced in young people with Type 2 diabetes compared with young people without the condition.

School-based obesity prevention programs: an evidence-based review.
Qualitative analysis suggests programs grounded in social learning may be more appropriate for girls, while structural and environmental interventions enabling physical activity may be more effective for boys. High-quality evaluation protocols should be considered essential components of future programs.


Economic costs of physical inactivity
A recent (2007) fact sheet from the British Heart Foundation.

Healthy living interventions and schizophrenia: A systematic review
This paper reports a systematic review of the published and grey literature which has investigated the efficacy of healthy living interventions for adults with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder. (Includes three papers that involve exercise).

USA physical activity guidelines advisory committee report
You can download the report in its entirety (4.7Mb) or as individual sections.
This report includes 3 major components. The first provides an introduction to the PAGAC process; the second component includes 11 sections that review and summarize the scientific literature relating physical activity to individual health outcomes. The third component provides a summary of the PAGAC’s collective recommendations for future research.

Vancouver sport for life
The strategy notes the participants expressed frustration that responsibility for sport within the city is not clearly defined. Participants reported being shuffled between city and parks board staff, or redirected to external organizations, when wanting to discuss sport-related issues or initiatives.


Long-term weight loss after diet and exercise: A systematic review
Diet associated with exercise results in significant and clinically meaningful initial weight loss. This is partially sustained after one year.


Healthy eating and physical activity: Addressing inequities in urban environments
“This paper represents the dialogue of a working group trying to make important decisions about how to realize the greatest impact on nutrition and activity related diseases and how
to create the community-wide changes needed to sustain this impact.”

The effectiveness of urban design and land use and transport policies and practices to increase physical activity: A systematic review
Because community- and street-scale urban design and land-use policies and practices met the Community Guide criteria for being effective physical activity interventions, implementing these policies and practices at the community-level should be a priority of public health practitioners and community decision makers.

Using Google earth as an innovative tool for community mapping
This article illustrates how nonspecialists used Google EarthTM, to create community maps.


Building the case for wellness
This report considers the wider business case for workplace health and wellbeing and then specifically the economic benefits for workplaces in the UK. It also provides a framework for program implementation and management.

Healthy active workplaces
Access workplace physical activity and health information and resources from the Department of Sport & Recreation website in Western Australia.

Well at work
Find out about the results of a large-scale workplace physical activity & health program in the United Kingdom.

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