June 2, 2008

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc, Alberta Centre for Active Living


A resident’s guide for creating safe and walkable communities – Feb 08
‘This guide provides examples from other communities working to improve pedestrian safety. It includes information, ideas, and resources to help residents learn about issues that affect walking conditions; find ways to address or prevent these problems; and promote pedestrian safety.”

Improving conditions for bicycling and walking: A best practices report


Literature review of walking programs
Includes walking program best practices based on provincial, national and international literature reviews.


Canada's report card on physical activity for children and youth for 2008
Canada’s Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth for 2008 is the fourth annual overview of key indicators in relation to the physical activity levels of Canada’s young people. While the Report Card is again a comprehensive overview of issues, this year the focus is on screen time and physical activity.

The influence of age and gender on recreation participation
Previous ‘A Look at Leisure’ bulletins have provided an overview of participation patterns, favourite activities, reasons for participation, and constraints. In this report, we take a closer look at these variables but with emphasis on differences and similarities between age and gender groups.


Stand up (more) & eat (better)
This is an educational and participatory site to help people balance the calories they eat with the calories they burn each day. We are promoting "calorie literacy".


Guidelines on the promotion of physical activity with older people
“These guidelines have been drafted to assist the work of those in the position to promote physical activity and well being with all older people. They are not intended to provide exercise recommendations relating to specific diseases and conditions associated with ageing or on exercise prescriptions for individuals.”


Active2010 newsfeed now active
‘Stay up-to-date with our news feed. Come back often to see what the media is saying about sports and physical activity.’

BC on the move: Physical activity strategy
The “PAS is committed to its goal to improve the health of British Columbians through leadership that enhances community action to promote physical activity, with a targeted focus on inactive 35-54 year olds.”

British national heart foundation: Physical activity and health
Information on the annual conference as well as links to great resources for many populations and settings. A web-site well worth exploring!


Pregnancy and sport
Exercising during pregnancy is becoming more popular as it has been known to limit weight gain during the pregnancy, help with delivery and make returning to exercise after the birth much easier. With the increase in the number of female athletes, pregnancy in sport has become a hot topic as it raises a number of legal, ethical, medical and even insurance issues….


ENACT strategy: Reimburse employees for preventive health and wellness activities

International and national perspectives on workplace health
Though active in workplace health promotion, Canada can learn much from European success stories that demonstrate a more structural and legislative approach…….

Move Europe - A campaign for the improvement of lifestyle-related workplace health promotion in Europe

Nova Scotia’s comprehensive workplace health promotion strategy
There are dedicated sections for employees, employers and practitioners.

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