April 4, 2008

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc, Alberta Centre for Active Living


City of Toronto walking strategy

London vote on cycling May 1st
“….they need to be behind cycling, because without a 400% increase in cycling from 2000 to 2025, the anticipated increase in population of one million will mean that London’s transport system will grind to a halt. Under Ken Livingstone cycling has soared by more than 83% in the capital…”

Walkable towns curb obesity, pollution, expert says

Jim Sallis is interviewed

Walking Englishman: Walk time calculator
Allows you to calculate how much time it will take you to walk to your destination.


Government investment in childhood obesity strategy applauded
The Ontario Collaborative Group on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (OCGHEPA) commends the government's significant investment in a strategy to reduce Ontario's childhood obesity rates.


The prevention of lifestyle-related chronic diseases: An economic framework
This OECD paper provides an economic perspective on the prevention of chronic diseases, focusing in particular on diseases linked to lifestyle choices. (Physical Activity is mentioned a number of times)


2008 International congress on physical activity and public health
Find out more about plans to form a new professional society - the International Society for Physical Activity and Health.

Recreation summit 2008
May 16th & 17th – Australia. The Summit will bring together local, national and international enthusiasts on active recreation


Adapted physical activity quarterly

The official journal of the international federation of adapted physical activity.

Adulthood lifetime physical activity and breast cancer
Conclusions: Leisure-time moderate-to-vigorous activities reduce breast cancer risk irrespective of underlying host characteristics.

Correlates of the stages of change for physical activity in a population survey

National association of counties: Active living survey (December 2007)


How to create and implement healthy general plans: A toolkit for building healthy, vibrant communities through land use policy change

“In recent years, the dramatic rise in chronic disease rates in cities and towns has begun to bring public health and planning back together…. planning and public health professionals have begun to promote design and development patterns that facilitate physical activity and neighborly interactions as antidotes….”

Increasing active living -a guide for policy-makers: Policy-making for healthy and active communities

Rural obesity: Strategies to support rural counties in building capacity
Physical activity is mentioned prominently.


Senate sub-committee on population health reports 3rd and 4th reports were just published

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