February 15, 2008

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc, Alberta Centre for Active Living


Exercise balls replace chairs at Simcoe elementary school
The Simcoe Reformer reports that students are bouncing off the wall over their new seating arrangement at Elgin Avenue Public School …

Nova Scotia pumps up phys-ed. requirements
The Cape Breton Post reports that starting next fall, new Nova Scotia high school students will be expected to enrol in at least one full credit of physical education in order to graduate …


National Physical Activity Institute

June 23-25, 2008: In Motion Manulife National Physical Activity Institute, hosted at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.


Clinic-based support to help overweight patients with type 2 diabetes increase physical activity and lose weight

ParticipACTION newsletter needs a name

Statistics Canada Report on Sport Participation
Barely three out of every 10 Canadians aged 15 and over participated regularly in one or more sports in 2005, a dramatic decline from the early 1990s when the proportion was closer to one-half ….


The Heart and Stroke Foundation's new national healthy waists initiative is live!
What is Healthy Waists all about? The purpose of the Healthy Waists website is to help Canadians understand that they may be at increased risk for heart disease and stroke if their waistlines exceed a certain size. The website displays a video as well as written instruction to explain how to measure waists properly.


Safety benefits of smart growth design

Includes references to Larry Frank’s work.

Speeding on arterial roads

Forty-five per cent of speeding deaths occur on arterial roads. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety last year looked at arterial roads with posted limits of 40 or 45 mph in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Omaha, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. Arterial roads aren't built to the same safety standards as interstates and have much higher crash rates.


A meta-analysis of pedometer-based walking interventions and weight loss

Interventions to promote walking: systematic review

Pedestrians 2007
The Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2002 "includes 16 papers that explore a healthier way to travel, level of service of the urban walking environment and pedestrian route choice behavior, estimating nonmotorized travel demand, pedestrian counting methods at intersections, deficiencies in Florida pedestrian crash data, and methods to prioritize pedestrian high-crash locations.” Cost: $55.


BC atlas of wellness (updated Jan. 10, 2008)
This Atlas presents data on the geography of wellness in British Columbia. The Atlas covers topics such as:

  • Assets and determinants.
  • The geography of smoking behaviours and policies in B.C.
  • The geography of nutrition and food security in B.C.
  • The geography of physical activity in B.C. (this part is 37Mb)
  • The geography of healthy weight in B.C.
  • The geography of healthy pregnancy in B.C.
  • The geography of wellness outcomes in B.C.


Workplaces in Motion launches in Manitoba
Workplaces in Motion is a new component of the Manitoba in motion program that will encourage employees and employers to build physical activity into their daily lives at work …

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