November 9, 2007

By Rosanne Prinsen, MSc, Resource Coordinator, Alberta Centre for Active Living

An Introduction to Active Movement/Koringa Hohiko: Guidelines booklet resource

This resource focuses on educating the key influencers of children up to five years old about the importance of quality physical movement activities for children of this age group.
It includes information for parents/caregivers and educators, scientific research findings on how movement can assist with a child’s brain development and suggested readings for more information.

Perceived athletic competence, sociometric status, and loneliness in elementary school children

A new Canadian study that looks at the connections between athletic skill and social acceptance among school children has found that kids place a great deal of value on athletic ability, and youngsters deemed unskilled by their peers often experience sadness, isolation and social rejection at school.

Asset management guide: Sport and recreation and facilities
This guide contains a series of practical tools to help you through the process of developing an asset management plan so that your facilities are productive and sustainable.

Decision-making guide: Sport and recreation facilities
This decision-making tool helps determine the need for community and recreation services. While the model is mostly for facility planning, it has been structured so that it can also be applied to program-based solutions.

How to undertake a feasibility study for a proposed sport or recreation facility
The aim of this kit is to provide local government authorities, state sporting associations and other providers of sport and recreation facilities with a practical guide to undertaking a feasibility study.
The kit highlights the planning issues that need to be considered, the various ways of gathering information and the outcomes that should be achieved.
This kit provides an overview of the issues to be considered in this type of study, whether the client intends to undertake the feasibility study in-house or engage an external consultant to undertake the research.

How to develop a management plan for your facility
This kit will help facility managers prepare a management plan for their recreation or leisure centre. Each management plan will be different.
There is no set formula for either the content or process of preparing a management plan.
However, there are a number of key principles that should be considered. The information provided in this kit constitutes a guide to more efficient management practices, which should ultimately result in more effective service delivery.

Life cycle cost guidelines
These Life Cycle Cost Guidelines provides facility owners, architects and engineers with tools to develop life cycle cost reports to be used by departments of sport and recreation considered publicly owned or funded facilities.
The guidelines mean analysis and reporting can be standardized to ensure a timely and accurate technical review of your facility or project.

Comprehensive workplace health strategy

A workplace strategy and web resource from Nova Scotia.

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